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David Guetta Talks Music Piracy, European Football & Connecting With Fans [VIDEO]

Lucy Hockings of BBC News sat down with David Guetta the other day for a short interview, talking with the french producer about music piracy, the official anthem he is creating for the UEFA, and his relationship with his fans.

Talking about the effect piracy has had on records sales Guetta explains:

"Of course I wish every person that is listening to my music would send me a little check, that would make me a very rich person and would be wonderful. But at the same time, this is impossible. So you can't fight progress, so better to embrace."

As record sales have diminished, the importance of live shows to an artist's career has increased, and Guetta talks about being able to draw a crowd.

"Why can I sell out 20,000 people every day in Brazil. Is it because of how many records we sold in the shops? Of course not."

The popular DJ and producer went on to explain his intentions as the musical ambassador for the UEFA.

"I'm more thinking about the emotion of it...I'm thinking of the people in the stadium, what they would like to sing along to, how they are going to interact with the music. Their life is football and they are gonna look at the different scores and there's gonna be a theme under it, which will be my music."

Watch the full interview below:

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