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Watch Martin Garrix Answer Candid Questions In An Interview With Playboy [VIDEO]

EDM's most eligible bachelor Martin Garrix got together with Playboy for an interview, giving the famous gentleman's entertainment magazine the opportunity to ask some candid questions. The interview covers a wide range of questions, including what crime would the young superstar commit if he could get away with it, how he spent his first big check, and what his favorite song is.

When asked what his favorite song is, Garrix reveals that he thinks Pharrell's "Happy" is one of the greatest songs of all time.

"Because the song makes me happy and I've got so many good memories to that song. I can still listen to it, every time I play it, even if I wake up in the morning, I slept two hours and not feeling very well, I play the song and my day is already made."

The dance music mogul talks about his love of cheeseburgers, his disdain for fake people, and divulges that if he could commit one crime and get away with it, he would drink a beer in Vegas. Even with criminal immunity, Garrix is a stand up guy!

When asked how he spent his first big paycheck, Garrix explains that his first purchase was an investment in his craft.

"I bought a computer, a very good computer so I could work quicker. I had this old computer I was making music on, and sometimes it would get stuck or work slow. So the first thing I bought was a computer."

Watch the full interview below:

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