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Fans Demand Refunds After Nicki Minaj Misses Performance & Joins David Guetta Instead

Nicki Minaj has caused quite a stir this past weekend when she missed her entire set time at London's Wireless Festival. As one of the top headliners, Minaj was a big draw for the festival's crowd, and her absence has inspired outrage among many of the festival goers, many of whom have taken to social media to demand a refund. Minaj quoted "travel issues" as the reason for her tardiness.

It was eventually announced that Minaj would share the stage with David Guetta, whose headlining performance was scheduled to follow directly after hers. The two recently released the hit single "Hey Mama" with Afrojack.

Later that day the festival was forced to announce that they had lost contact with Minaj's team and were left wondering if the starlet would make it to the festival at all.

After missing her entire set, Minaj finally arrived at the festiva to join Guetta for a performance of their song "Hey Mama." The Minaj fans in attendance at the festival were left angry and perturbed as they went on to demand a refund over the missed performance. As you can imagine, such a refund could take a big cut from the festival's profits.

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