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Disclosure Talks Collabs, Songwriting & Ghost Producing In New Interview

Disclosure recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone in which they discussed everything from their upcoming second LP Caracal (scheduled to drop September 25th), their plans for their US fall tour, and their opinion on ghost producers. The Lawrence brothers had a lot to say, check out some of the highlights below.

For their forthcoming Caracal LP, Disclosure once again teamed up with Sam Smith to create what may in fact be the happiest song either act has ever created. They also collaborated heavily with Lorde on a track that will be featured on their next album. Apparently, the singer just showed up at their studio a few weeks ago, when the album was already nearly complete.

"She turned up on her own, no management or bodyguard... That's the most equal collaboration on the record. You can really hear her sound — she has this sassy yet vulnerable thing." - Howard Lawrence

The Lawrence brothers had a lot to say about the significance of songwriting to them, as well as their opinions on ghost producers.

"The songwriting is the most important thing for us. I feel a lot of dance acts lack the cohesiveness that we can get. You meet more and more producers and you find out, 'You’re not really a producer, are you? You're just a monster A&R who puts his name on the record.' It's weird." - Guy Lawrence

When asked what they had in store for their US tour this Fall, the brothers gave us plenty of reason to be excited. The Lawrence brothers are looking forward to the tour this Fall, but they're particularly excited about the grand finale they have planned at Madison Square Garden on October 24th in New York City.

"We've completely rearranged and reinvented everything. It's a really forward-thinking show. I've never seen anything like it." - Guy Lawrence

"I like the idea that if someone tweets a picture at the start of the show, and someone else takes a picture at the end, they'll think it was a different show." - Howard Lawrence

Click here to read the full interview over at Rolling Stone, and be sure to check out their official music video for "Holding On," featuring Gregory Porter, which is also Part I of a unique narrative video series for the upcoming Caracal album.

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