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10 Pro Tips For First-Time Ravers

Raving for your first time can feel a bit daunting, as the culture of electronic music is unlike any other scene today. Whether you're on the hunt for music, preparing for your first show, or just talking to other ravers, there's an unspoken list of "do's and don'ts" that will make for a smoother experience.

Before you go out for your next rave, be sure to look over these tips for raving, and remember to be safe, have fun and rave on.

1. Dress for the weather

As much as we'd all like to dance around naked at a rave, it's important to dress for the weather too. This means wearing a coat to a show you have to walk to or checking the weather ahead of time if the event is outside. This simple routine will keep you looking fresh and clean, not like a raccoon at Waterworld.

2. Eat healthy before each show

A healthy diet is incredibly important for living a successful life. Just as you'd prepare for a workout or sports game, your body needs to prepare for a long night of dehydration and exertion. A hearty meal full of fruits and vegetables will help get you through to the other side. This does not mean combining your drug-of-choice with your veggies for maximum impact.

3. Arrive to the show early

We all know what it's like to wait in a line. Next to losing your wallet and being stuck in traffic, it might just be the worst experience on Earth. Getting to the show early means you not only cut your time in line, but you also get to choose your stomping ground before everyone else. Did somebody say mainstage?

4. Stay hydrated!

Dancing for any extended period of time is tough, and it's even tougher when your body is low on water. Chugging water before a show isn't always the best solution, but keeping hydrated at the event will guarantee you won't wake up on the side of the street without pants wondering how the show went.

6. Bring a phone charger/extra battery

In a time when people are more concerned about sharing their experiences than actually enjoying them, it's understandable people might not agree with this tip. Then again, if no one knows you went to a show, how will they know how to find you when you wake up on the side of the road without pants wondering how the show went. Safety first people - charge your phone and use it sparingly.

7. Be friendly to your fellow ravers

Ulterior motives aside, ravers come to shows and festivals for one reason - music. Seeing so many people with a common purpose in one place can be exhilarating, and it's important to use these resources to build your understanding of yourself and the world. No matter the situation, be friendly to your fellow ravers. Remember - you get what you give.

8. Do not ask the DJ for requests

Whether you are first-time raver or a seasoned veteran, 9 times out of 10, the DJ is not going to play your song. It's nothing personal until you make a scene about it, and then the DJ has every right to palm your face with rejection and shame.

9. Check out each genre at least once

No matter how long you listen to electronic music, there will always be something new that catches your ear. Whether it's a new sound that's trending or a new artist that is redefining a genre, it's important to keep your musical palette open and malleable. Who knows, you might realize that retro-future trancestep is your new favorite genre.

10. Most importantly, enjoy yourself

Plain and simple. Have fun, and don't let others damper your experience.

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