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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Pet Peeves Only EDM Fans Understand

There's an infinite number of things to love about EDM; the culture, music, and the shows that attract hundreds of thousands of new fans each year. That being said, every rose has its thorn, and ravers will be the first to tell you what these "thorns" might be.

Some of these pet peeves are social issues worth fixing, while others are just complaints you'd see on an angry 14-year-old's Twitter. No matter the source, it's important to recognize what is working in the scene and what needs fixing. Here are 10 pet peeves that ravers know all too well.

1. When the DJ tells you to put your hands up

2. When you can't understand what the DJ is saying

3. When people forget what a personal bubble is

4. When you hear the same song all three days at a festival

5. When the festival doesn't have enough water fountains

6. When someone cant grasp what EDM is

7. When you get hit in the face by someone crowdsurfing

8. When the same song gets remixed a million times

9. The never-ending battle between mainstream vs. underground

10. When your stream abrubtly stops

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