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Watch The Famous Scene From Eden When Daft Punk Debuts Their Most Iconic Song [VIDEO]

Here's a scene from the French film Eden that Daft Punk fans will appreciate. Released in the United States last month, Eden is a dance music drama that centers around the development of French house, inspired by the careers of everyone's favorite robo music duo Daft Punk, as well as Sven Hansen-Løve, a DJ who found success in the 90's in the French House scene.

The scene recreates a pivotal moment in the careers of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel, where they debut their early influential single "Da Funk" that helped to establish them as electronic dance music pioneers.

In the sequence, Thomas and Guy-Man, portrayed by Vincent Lacoste and Arnaud Azoulay, arrive at a house party (sans robot masks), and take over the DJ system to debut the song that laid the foundation for their signature sound.

The crowd quickly takes notice of the track's infectious groove, and the future dance music superstars seem to take notice that they've stumbled upon something big as they puff away at their cigarettes behind a primitive mixing console.

When a listener in the crowd mentions that she prefers the sounds of Techno, her friend quickly berates her for not getting it, stating "It's amazing. Modern disco."

Watch the instantly infamous scene below...

[H/T: InTheMix]

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