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EDM.com Spotlight

Martin Garrix Recounts Sneaking Into Shows & Shares His Most Embarrassing On-Stage Moment

Martin Garrix talked with Daily Star recently about his Ushuaia DJ residency show called Multiply in Ibiza, covering a range of topics from special guests to tracklists. And no Garrix interview is complete without a fun story or two for his fans to enjoy.

When asked why he's a fan of Ushuaia as a venue, Garrix recounts an experience trying to get into a Swedish House Mafia show from a years back. It's a story that makes him truly appreciate being able to headline his own shows in the very same venue.

"Four years ago I was in Ibiza and Swedish House Mafia were doing shows in Ushuaia. I love them but I was underage so decided to sneak in. I managed to run in through the reception while the guards weren't paying attention. Then when I was finally inside, a security guard said to me: 'You look very young - can I see your ID?' They kicked me out!"

The Dutch DJ went on to talk about how quickly and easily things can go very wrong during a DJ set.

"I did a show in Vegas and someone threw a bracelet towards the DJ booth and hit the stop button which is the most tiny button on the back of the CD player. It managed to stop all of the music!"

Garrix kicked off his Ibiza residency last week and will be holding down the fort at Ushuaia throughout the summer, describing the show as:

"A lot of fun, a lot of energy, a lot of surprises. I have a lot of guest DJs announced already but I'm also bringing a lot of surprise guests. Everyone there is going to leave very happy."

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