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This Legendary Musician Is Transforming New York Subway Turnstiles Into Instruments [VIDEO]

New York City's Subway stations become the smokestacks of noise pollution during rush hour as clicks, clanks, crowds, and train cars fill the transport tunnels with a barrage of cacophonous sounds. For the past twenty years, James Murphy (formerly of LCD Soundsystem) has dreamed of remixing New York's busiest travel center into an orchestra, transposing all that noise pollution into a musical register and composing a symphony where people on-the-go are the instruments.

Heineken is helping Murphy bring the dream to reality, with the Subway Symphony project, which aims to make music out of the turnstiles that line the entrance to NYC's subway stations.

The concept is simple; when a person passes through one of the turnstiles, a piece of music is triggered. As more and more people pass through the turnstiles during the city's ever busy rush hour, the stations are transformed into interactive musical soundscapes, improving the mental state of passengers and fostering a more vibrant atmosphere in the city.

Speaking of the ambitious musical project, Murphy states:

"I think people are willing to do what it takes to live and work here, the commutes, the crowd, the costs. They deserve a little sonic gift on their way home or to work or wherever. The turnstile has to make a sound. It might as well be beautiful."

Check out the preview below to see what the project will be like...

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