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Riff Raff Collabs With Travis Barker On New Track Combining EDM, Punk Rock & Hip Hop

Pop punk drummer Travis Barker and rapper RiFF RAFF got together to collaborate on an exclusive track for Warped Tour called "Spazz Out." Produced by Barker and featuring vocals from RiFF RAFF, the song is lead by predictable power chord shredding on electric guitar backed by a deep electro bass and live drums layered with occasional skittering 808 hi-hats.

RiFF RAFF's autotuned, glitchy voals suit the song well in what may seem like an unlikely pairing, but the rapper's attention-grabbing persona is loaded with enough punk attitude to fit Barker's production, no doubt influenced by his years as the drummer for Blink 182.

Check out the spazzy track below...

[H/T: Spin]

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