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EDM.com Spotlight

Quintino Drops Preview Of Upcoming Track 'Devotion' [VIDEO]

Quintino just dropped a preview on Spinnin' TV for an upcoming track titled "Devotion," which is slated to drop on August 21. The preview finds the Netherlands-based producer working in his usual big room stylings, but culling influence from outside genres such as deep house. Undoubtedly envisioned as a festival anthem, "Devotion" showcases massive kinetic energy for optimal dance-ability.

The "Devotion" preview opens with a deep house styled intro, featuring pitched down diva vocals, deep offbeat piano chords and a mangled saxophone loop.

After an intense build-up filled to the brim with rising noise, the track explodes into a massive big room drop, featuring all the stylistic staples of the genre from buzzing horn leads to pitch-modulated vocal samples and rapid percussive pluck sounds.

The preview is only 52 seconds long, but that's enough time for Quintino to build up fan expectations for the track.

Listen to the preview below...

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