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EDM.com Spotlight

Fully Interactive Album Experiences Could Be The Future Of Music [VIDEO]

Whitestone, a small startup company led by four young music-lovers and entrepreneurs, has some seriously lofty and exciting goals. Whitestone aims to deliver fans the first-ever platform designed specifically for interactive music experiences. Think music festival quality visuals that you can control, but that's not all...

"Whitestone is the first platform for interactive music experiences. A place to create, collect, and truly experience music online. We are a group of artists, designers and programmers with a vision to bring album art to the internet, using the medium to create special interactive editions of albums and videos. Streaming is just the beginning, we want to take it a step further." - Whitestone website

This interactive platform, which would be complete with a social media element, could revolutionize the way fans purchase and consume music online while bringing album art back into the forefront.

If you want to see this become a reality, then help spread the word about this project. Whitestone won't be launching their Kickstarter until Sunday, August 30th, but until then you can help by joining their Thunderclap below!

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