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Oliver Heldens Dishes On New Collabs, Dream Collabs & HI-LO Alias

Future house producer Oliver Heldens has been on on a roll recently, launching his new alias HI-LO and record label Heldeep to pump out even more music for his fans. The 20-year-old producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands recently sat down with YourEDM to talk everything from current collabs to dream collabs and what fans can expect from his newly-revealed alter ego.

The interview immediately launched into what inquiring fans want to know most: Who Heldens is hitting the studio with.

"There are collabs coming because for HI-LO there’s a lot more space for that... So for example with HI-LO I’m working with collabs now with Jauz. I’m also working with a guy named Da Hool, he’s a guy that made the 90’s rave smash called 'Meet Her At The Love Parade.'"

The "Bunny Dance" producer went on to add that he's recently teamed up with fellow Dutch house music duo Chocolate Puma, although he's not sure what the finished product will be. The main difference between Heldens and HI-LO, he described in the interview, is the first being more melodic (citing his Heldens release "Shades of Grey" as an example) while the latter more bassline-driven (take his HI-LO original "Renegade Mastah," for instance).

"I’m also working with Chocolate Puma on something. I’m not sure if it’s going to be HI-LO or Oliver Heldens because it’s kind of a crossover between HI-LO, Oliver Heldens and Chocolate Puma. It’s going to be really sick.

Either way, fans can expect big things from Heldeep Records, as Heldens revealed that some of the producers he used to look up to are now contacting him for Heldeep releases and EDM allstars like Kaskade are already dropping Heldeep tunes in their sets.

When YourEDM asked about who, if he could choose any artist, would he collab with, the young producer had a dream collaborator for three different genres he'd love to explore...

"Niles Rodgers to write songs and stuff. He’s an amazing songwriter and he’s been making hits for like five decades so I guess if I wanted to write stuff with more disco vibes and guitar I would want to work with him. With producing then I think Disclosure, and with more bass house stuff I would say Noisia cause of their sick sounds."

Head over to YourEDM to read the full interview with Oliver Heldens.

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