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Deadmau5 Takes Over Family Guy Game With Snoop Dogg & More [VIDEO]

Deadmau5 is teaming up with music's most influential musicians to star in the newest update of the Family Guy game "The Quest For Stuff." Mau5 is joined by iconic artists Snoop Dogg, Alice Cooper, Rick Astley, Werid Al' Yanovich and Avril Lavigne, who have all had their respective likenesses Family Guy'd for the game and have even provided their own voices for their cartoon avatars.

In the game, characters of Family Guy working with the musical guests at "PeterPalooza," a musical festival within the game that plays on Lollapalooza. The object of the game is to "find the source of mysterious activities that threaten to sabotage the event."

PeterPalooza comes to gamers and music- and video-game lovers as a limited edition update that will run from now until September 18. You can head here to download the game and see awesome worlds collide.

Check out the video game trailer below...

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