EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

EDC Creators Offer Aspiring DJs The Opportunity Of A Lifetime [VIDEO]

Insomniac has partnered with Life Is Beautiful for the latest edition of the Discovery Project competition. This exciting competition offers aspiring DJs the chance of a lifetime as the winner receives a performance slot at the Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas to jumpstart their professional music career.

Aspiring producer/DJs have until August 21 to submit their track via Wavo to compete for the chance to make their DJ dreams come true. The grand prize will earn them a slot behind the decks at this year's Life Is Beautiful festival, $500 cash prize, 2 nights of hotel accommodations, and an artist/guest pass for the event.

This is the perfect opportunity for the next up and coming DJ to show off their skills to a panel of judges that can instantly change your life forever. Learn more about the contest here.

Check out the video for the Discovery Project below...

[H/T: Insomniac]

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