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New Study Suggests Music May Help With Incurable Health Disorder

A recent study has found that music may be a possible treatment for patients suffering from epilepsy, a group of disorders that causes chronic seizures and can ultimately be fatal in severe cases. The researchers were inspired to study the effect of music on epilepsy, as epileptics exhibit notable differences in the way their brains process music.

Epilepsy has no cure, but Christine Charyton, a member of the research team and professor of neurology at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, believes it may serve a useful purpose for epileptics as a treatment.

"We believe that music could potentially be used as an intervention to help people with epilepsy."

Approximately 80% of epileptics exhibit disorder in the temporal lobe, the part of the brain that process music. The researchers studied the brain activity of test subjects while alternating between 10 minutes of silence and ten minutes of music. They found that the subjects exhibited higher brain activity while music was playing.

"We hypothesized that music would be processed in the brain differently than silence. We did not know if this would be the same or different for people with epilepsy."

The study's finding suggest that music may serve as a treatment for those suffering from epilepsy.

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