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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch This Producer Make A Track Using Nothing But Candy [VIDEO]

We've all see at least one Mashd N Kutcher-style video by now. Electronic music producers are conducting crazy experiments all the time, dreaming up homemade MIDI controllers and creating seriously bizarre techniques for producing music. But Slow Magic takes the cake with this one... well, candy actually. This mythical mask-wearing producer just drafted a song using nothing but Mamba Candy.

Slow Magic starts with a table full of Mamba. Why Mamba? We're not sure, but it must have sounded good to his ears (or his tastebuds). Using a homemade candy MIDI controller and a wide array of samples recorded by drumming and manipulated the candy, Slow Magic forms a track with just the sounds of the sugary confections.

It's not the sort of thing that's gonna top the charts, but his experimental means of production yield pretty fascinating results, crafting a vague melody out of the candy samples and playing funky beats on the homemade controller.

Check it out for yourself below...

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