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EDM.com Spotlight

10 DJ Names That Could Be Porn Star Aliases

Creating an alias is one of the first steps in becoming a professional DJ, and surprisingly enough, it's also the first step in launching your career in the adult film industry.

Some might say it's just a coincidence, others might say it was their intention all along, but every DJ is aware of the provocative affiliations that come with their title, and for better and for worse, it sheds quite a unique light on their identities as artists.

From house to dubstep to trap and more, here's 10 DJs whose names belong in the porn industry:

1. Claude VonStroke

2. Carl Cox

3. Hardwell

4. Nina Las Vegas

5. Paul van Dyk

6. Far Too Loud

7. Golden Features

8. Trolley Snatcha

9. Skream & Benga

10. Treasure Fingers

11. Bro Safari

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