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EDM.com Spotlight

Angelic 808's Of The Week Vol. 1

As electronic music’s popularity continues to reach new heights, there’s a growing desire for something new. Fans and artists alike are constantly hungering for whatever comes next in the trap scene, and the "future" has answered.

A new wave of euphoric and encapsulating music has caught fire, and the boundaries of its 808-laden sound has yet to slow it down. Here are 10 tracks that are riding their way into our playlists as the most Angelic 808's of the week:

10. Poly Pines – Look Up

Opening over soft piano and a glittering progression, “Look Up” sets its sights for the stars. The track’s gentle beginnings pave the way for layered, fluttering synths that lift it into the atmosphere. It’s a sound that has been gaining steam for some time, repped by producers like Flume and taken in a different, beautiful direction by Poly Pines.

9. Lookas – Apollo

Lookas continues to prove that he is a man of many talents. The trap producer has been excelling at diversity for some time, and his latest release is another notch in that belt. “Apollo” rises hopefully, a drummer marching to building melodic horns. The track is ripped wide open with energy before stepping back into a dreamy break.

8. Kiiara – Gold (Hippie Sabotage Remix)

Everything Hippie Sabotage touches seems to turn to gold, so it’s always a good sign when they remix a song with its namesake. Their knack for finding poignant, lyrical tracks and flipping them is supreme. Speedy, tasteful high hats are the skeletal trimming for artfully chopped vocals and rebounding synths. “Gold” may have a somber air about it, but we’re only sad when it ends.

7. Royal - Passenger (Jai Wolf Remix)

Jai Wolf is an artist that is able to consistently create beautiful and creative renditions of original tracks with ease and flair. His original "Indian Summer" has become an anthem of the summer, and he's already released yet another euphoric and enticing track for our auditory pleasure. Jai Wolf's remix of Royal's "Passenger" is smooth, it grooves, and it will make you move your head and feet as you sway to its sea of melodies.

6. Subtact – Restart

Need a pick me up? Look no further than Subtact’s recent Monstercat release. “Restart” is the epitome of joy. Sporting a catchy melody, the track is an electro-jazz infusion backed up with heavy, ambient bass. This is high-energy stuff, so if it doesn’t leave you smiling we recommend seeing a doctor (although he might just prescribe a dose of “Restart”).

5. Koyö - 2088

"2088" couldn't have been a more suiting title for this forward-thinking track by Koyö. The wavy synths are tethered together by beautiful bass hums and an all-too-classy collection of percussive instruments, and when it reaches its climax, it launches you forward into a bouncy groove that is as "future" as it gets. If you're looking for a journey, take a trip to 2088 with Koyö and don't look back.

4. Gallant - Weight In Gold (Louis Futon Remix)

Gallant has been sweeping through the EDM scene with his soulful and invigorating voice, and it has yielded an incredible response from artists and fans alike. Louis Futon has payed homage to the on-the-rise act by remixing his single "Weight In Gold," however the term 'remix' really doesn't justify the creative magic that is found in the new version. This is a soul-jerker from beginning to end, and we can't wait to hear more from them both.

3. LAKEY INSPIRED – Searching For…

Not every song needs to be a four to the floor stomper, and the newest original by LAKEY INSPIRED embodies this philosophy perfectly. It’s the minimalist track we’ve been “Searching For…” It may be trap, but this tune is not a ‘bow throwin’ affair. Lean that driver’s seat back and turn this one up while you cruise down that nighttime highway.

2. KASBO - Again

Rounding in second for this installment of Angelic 808's of the Week is KASBO, a name that many have come to know thanks to his incredible work with the Hegemon collective and his releases with Nest HQ and Monstercat. Coming off of a remix for Erik Hassle's "No Words," this 19-year-old's latest original "Again" reaffirms our beliefs that this kid is talented beyond his years, and has a bright future in the experimental scene in which he resides.

1.TroyBoi & Father Dude - Spirits Of The Night

In addition to the works of KASBO, Hegemon is home to quite a few other dynamic producers and musicians including Troyboi and Father Dude. These two have a close-knit history together as friends and music partners, and it can be heard throughout each of their collaborations. Having already released a single together titled "Misunderstood," the dynamic artists raised the stakes with "Spirits Of The Night", and we'd be lying if we said it wasn't their best work to date. Just take a listen for yourself and tell us you don't get chills at one point or another.

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