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Deadmau5 Talks Film Scores, Steve Angello & New Coffee Run [VIDEO]

In a continuing series of ask me anything-style web interviews, Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, has been responding to fan written questions and recording short videos as he answers their inquiries. The series has seen the famed producer touch on a variety of candid topics, ranging from how he met Skrillex to his beef with Mickey Mouse, providing a unique opportunity for fans to hear straight from the man himself.

The latest set of videos has Zimmerman touching on the possibility of writing film scores, his coffee runs, former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello and even his cat's diet.

Zimmerman explains his interest in the possibility of working on film scores, but states that there is a certain level of quality that he would demand before agreeing to embark on that type of endeavor.

He isn't interested in working on major blockbusters, but would rather provide a score to a film by Darren Aronofsky or Alejandro Jodorowski. He half-jokingly explains that Trent Reznor keeps snatching up all the good electronic film score work.

Zimmerman explains how episodes of his Coffee Run series wind up happening, stating that it's generally not a matter of scheduling but simply availability and who's around at the time. He also talks about the possibility of having Adam Savage of MythBusters over on the web series, stating that they've met before and Savage has expressed interest in participating.

One fans asks for his opinion on Steve Angello's music. Zimmerman gives a short and succinct response, deciding to play nice and refrain from his usual vocal criticisms.

Lastly, deadmau5 discusses his beloved feline companion Professor Meowington's feeding regiment.

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