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Game Of Thrones' DJ Kristian Nairn Explains His Beef With EDM

Game Of Thrones star and House DJ Kristain Nairn recently appeared on the "Howard Stern Show." During the interview the Hodor acto discussed his beef with the catch-all term "EDM," as he attempted to set the record straight on his own musical output. The EDM world was set ablaze with interest when it came to light that the Hodor actor had a side career producing electronic music, but it would appear he's not a huge fan of the mainstream culture.

Nairn explains that he isn't a fan of the "EDM" tag, differentiating that he makes House, which he believes is more musical than the music that tends to fall under the most controversial three letter acronym in music right now.

"I think in America you guys are kind of obsessed with the big EDM label. It's kinda like rock music. Under rock music, you can classify John Mellencamp [with] Sepultura, who's like a Brazilian thrash band. You know, it's so different. [...] I play house. [...] House is slightly different. You'll have like real pianos, you'll have like maybe someone play on a real bass, and there'll be a lot of vocals and stuff. There's definitely more of a musical element to it."

Nairn is currently embarking on his Rave Of Thrones tour, and fans can head here to purchase tickets. Fans waiting for the tour to come to a city near them can enjoy Nairn's latest mix in the meantime...

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