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Porter Robinson Talks Dillon Francis & His Musical Beginnings [VIDEO]

Porter Robinson has delivered another round of video AMA-style replies, addressing the questions of his fans through a recent but ongoing fan-submitted question forum through Japanese company Asq.e. In the latest collection of videos, the Worlds producer addresses his signature hairstyle, his relationships with other EDM producers, and the possibility of taking up residence in Japan.

Robinson discusses his friendships with other high profile EDM producers, such as Dillon Francis and Madeon. He explains that Francis is a considerate friend, who often calls just to check in on him. Good friend, Francis!

Robinson discusses how he first got into music, revealing that at a mere twelve years old he got a copy of Sony ACID to mix loops in, and later purchasing a cheap keyboard to learn to play on. It's been eleven years since then, and the young producer has certainly made strides in his music career.

Robinson talks about the possibility of crossing the Pacific and taking up residency in the land of the rising sun. Although he has interest in the prospect of taking up Japanese citizenship, he says he'll need to work a little more on his Japanese language skills.

Lastly he discusses his signature hairdo that he's been seen sporting for the last several years. Though he describes his uncombed wavy locks as "a bit out of control," I think most of us would agree the look suits him.

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