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Watch Disclosure Try To Rap & Talk New Album, Collabs & More [VIDEO]

Disclosure sat down with 92.3 Amp for an interview to promote their upcoming sophomore album Caracal. The brothers discuss a variety of topics from which Kardashian they would date to their not-so-hot rapping skills. The UK production duo even gives u their best impression of a southern accent.

The duo was asked if they were going to make their last song as Disclosure, what American artists they would want to feature on the song. They answer almost in unison, stating that Prince would be their top pick.

Talking about a recent quote of theirs that was taken out of context, Guy and Howard clear the air on what was really said.

"I think what that probably was transformed from was us slating EDM and basically saying how it's a bit formulaic and a bit repetitive and you can sense what's coming in the drop before it even happens. How's it all become a bit samey and just putting the soul back in music, not the class. We like really well written pop songs and we like house music that's got soul, something that surprises you and is a bit forward thinking."

They also practiced their rapping skills in the studio, but they offered the following disclaimer about their abilities.

We’re producers, yeah, we’re song writers, yeah, I’ll take credit for those, but we are not rappers."

Check out the full interview below:

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