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Watch Skrillex & Diplo's Most Comprehensive Interview Of Their Careers [VIDEO]

Skrillex and Diplo sat down with iconic television talk show host Charlie Rose to give an exclusive 30-minute interview that marks a milestone in their careers. Rose probes into a variety of topics with the two EDM producers, ranging from the EDM movement, drugs, working with huge artists and becoming tastemakers.

Skrillex and Diplo discuss at length the changes that have occurred in the music industry in the last five years, describing how the methods of distribution have become more grassroots and allow artists greater control over the creation and marketing of their material.

They recount the formation of their supergroup Jack Ü, the creation of "Where Are Ü Now" and working with Justin Bieber, and the changing stigma that surrounds electronic musicians.

The Charlie Rose interview is one of the most comprehensive inside looks behind Jack Ü, and the works of Skrillex and Diplo and reinforces the mainstream crossover EDM is undergoing, as well as the critical role the two producers have played in that shift.

Fast forward to 24:23 and check out the full interview with Skrillex and Diplo...

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