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Watch This Rare Clip Of The Prodigy Performing In The 90's [VIDEO]

A rare video dating back to 1992 has recently been uncovered, and its contents document the rise of early rave group and breakbeat pioneers The Prodigy. Shot in Essex, UK, a formative ground for rave and dance music cultuer, the video showcases a number of influential acts from the hardcore movement in the nineties.

The Prodigy were among the forerunners of this period of electronic music in UK, achieving massive fame and success throughout their career, and the clip shows them in one of their earlier performances, rocking out on an old TR 909 drum machine, sister to the more famous 808 kit. A young Liam Howlett outlines the group's marketing philosophy at the time.

"We have respect for our age group, because we're not looking at the businessmen sitting behind the chair, raking in all the money from everybody that plays. We're looking at the kids that are raving, giving them what they want."

The live footage sequence is the highlight of the film clip, giving fans a glimpse into the group before they became a force in electronic music.

Check out the rare footage below...

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