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EDM.com Spotlight

Electric Zoo Transformed Reveals Brand New Stage Designs [PHOTOS]

Electric Zoo took to twitter yesterday to tease festival goers with some tantalizing new production renderings of two of their new stages that will be used for the Transformed event later this year.

The first image shows what appears to be a phoenix-themed production, with a massive ornate wingspan running the length of the stage. The DJ booth appears to be center stage, with LED walls behind for visual projections.

The second stage is a funky, eclectic octopus design, sporting blue and black striped swirling tentacles and abstract contours that shape its silhouette. It has a blown glass look to it and seems to possibly have LED screens within the center structure.

The images display unique, forward thinking productions that build anticipation for the festival. Tickets can be purchased for Electric Zoo Transformed here, which will kick off over labor day weekend.

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