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EDM.com Spotlight

Hardwell Shares Favorite Artists & Who He Thinks Will Be No. 1 DJ

Winner of DJ Mag's Top 100 poll two years running Hardwell recently sat down with MTV for an interview about the upcoming poll. The Dutch producer answered a variety of questions, discussing everything from the India EDM scene and his iTunes to Calvin Harris and who he predicts to take home the title of No. 1 DJ.

When asked about his love of India and his fanbase there, Hardwell explains his passion for connecting with that demographic.

"Connecting with my fans in India, whether at shows or via social media, has always shown me how special the passion in the country is. Not just for music, but for life. I'm happy that this time I will be returning to India won’t be to put on another tour event, but to be part of a project that is about celebrating life, and more importantly building a foundation to making a social difference to young kids in the country."

When asked which current artist he would want to see grab the title of top DJ in DJ Mag's Top 100 poll, Hardwell reveals a soft spot for fellow Dutch producer Martin Garrix, who has already been predicted to win this year.

"Martin Garrix. As a DJ I think he's been flawless these last few years and in the studio he's making fantastic music, which really has this amazing vibe and energy to it when played in clubs. His experience is really shining through; he has all the makings of a number one."

Hardwell weighs in on fellow producer Calvin Harris, and shares his view of the popular Scottish DJ.

"Calvin is an incredible artist. He's been able to truly bridge electronic music with different genres, and yet retain all his credibility on all sides of the music fences.

I've never been to V Festival but I know of it and have heard it's a big stage to perform on. I think Calvin, or any DJ, playing any of these types of festival only serve to help our scene grow and reach new fans.

He has a great ear for a catchy melody and obviously knows how to create something special in the studio. I'm a big fan."

Hardwell shares some of his current iTunes favorites, which features some of his EDM contemporaries, as well as rap and pop artists.

"It's a real mixture... I've got stuff like Adele, Drake, 30 Seconds to Mars, Knife Party, Skrillex, Dr Dre, Eminem, Pharrell on there...I love all kinds of different music."

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