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New Study Suggests Music Serves As An Effective Painkiller

A recent study conducted by Queen Mary University of London and Brunel University has suggested that music may serve as a powerful pain reliever. The study observed 7,000 different subjects, all surgical patients, to see the effect that music had on their pain level when used as a treatment before, during and after surgery.

The study found that its subject exhibited lessened pain levels when they were allowed to listen to their favorite music, with subjects reporting their pain level decreased by two points on a one to ten scale.

The patients also displayed greater levels of relaxation and decreased anxiety regarding their surgery, increasing their likelihood to feel that their surgery was successful.

The study also found that patients displayed favorable results when they were allowed to listen to music under general anesthesia, exhibiting decreased pain levels.

Talking about the results of the study, Dr. Catherine Meads of Brunel University stated:

Around 4.6 million in England each year and music is a non-invasive, safe, cheap intervention that should be available to everyone undergoing surgery. Patients should be allowed to choose the type of music they would like to hear to maximize the benefit to their wellbeing. However, care needs to be taken that music does not interfere with the medical team’s communication.

The concept of music therapy and the healing power of music is not a new one, and the results of the study suggest that music can serve as a powerful pain reliever.

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