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Producer Hires Homeless Man To Record On New Track [AUDIO]

New York City-based house producer Tony Quattro, just released a new single called "My House," but there's something special about this track... it features a collaborator who Quattro met on a train. Showtime Willy is actually a homeless man who performs street stand-up comedy, but thanks to Quattro he is now officially a recording artist.

Quattro recounts his experience on the train that led to meeting his would-be collaborator.

I was on the A-train heading home from work, and a homeless man walked on my car and started doing stand-up. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Damn, he would sound so dope on a house track!’ So before he walked off the car, I shoved through the crowd of sweaty commuters, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, ‘Don’t get off yet. I’ll give you $20 bucks to come up to Harlem and record some vocals with me.

"My House" features shuffling house beats layered beneath the spoken word samples that Quattro recorded of Showtime Willy, creating a disorienting, spacey vibe.

The track offers little in the way of melodic content, focusing it's efforts on the relentless percussion and the shifting, industrial atmosphere. Around the middle of the track, the drums break down to reveal a dreamy trumpet line before returning to full speed.

Listen to "My House" below...

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