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Zedd Answers Fan Questions About Favorite Music & Downtime [VIDEO]

Zedd got together with Saturday Night Online for an AMA-style interview, answering questions submitted by his fans and recording a twenty-minute-long video response. The German-Russian producer answered questions on a variety of topics from what he's been listening to lately to his favorite activities for when he has downtime.

One fan asks Zedd to describe his fans in one word, and he has a lot to say about it. He's known for loving his fan base and hooking them up with special experiences.

"Supportive. I don't know a better word. My fans have gone through several phases of my life, starting from very complex electro, giong to kind of simple hard electro, going to something more melodic progressive, to my new album being anywhere between acoutstic pop to really hard electro. I like for people to know whatever I put out is whatever I want to do, and that's what's in my heart."

Zedd describes his favorite activities to do when he's just chilling in between sold out tours and recording chart topping albums.

"Free time is kinda rare, if I have free time I like to jump in my pool, which is always 97 degrees which is way too hot but I like it. I like to hang with my friends, I like to eat a lot of food. I just like to do the normal things, for example do nothing. That's one of my favorite things to do."

One fan asks the young producer who he would face swap with if he had the chance, but Zedd isn't too keen on the question.

"Rukes posts lots of face swaps of me everyday and I don't like them, so I'll just say no for now."

Check out the full AMA interview below...

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