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Bassnectar Dishes On The Death Of Dubstep & 'Electronic Music'

In a recent interview with Star Tribune, Bassnectar sat down to discuss everything from his devoted fans to the dubious catch-all term for electronic music to why Dubstep is dead.

Bassnectar, real name Lorin Ashton, talks about his disdain for the term "electronic music" as a genre descriptor in an industry where all modern music is recorded and consumed electronically.

I don’t even view ‘electronic music’ as a thing anymore. That’s like saying, ‘An electronic day.’ The world is electronic. All music is electronic these days, unless it’s someone playing an acoustic guitar on a porch. Kenny Chesney’s music is electronic, and Jay Z’s, Justin Bieber’s. It’s all made using electronic equipment. It’s consumed using electronic machines.

Ashton discusses Dubstep, a genre he helped to solidify in the states, as a passing trend that has already been replaced as the EDM starter sound.

Dubstep obviously is already a thing of the past. This new wave of shoegazer, hipster brand of dance music that’s popular this year — which I think is boring as hell — will soon be a thing of the past. New terms and styles will emerge. But the broader brand of electronically enhanced dance music — which I just think of in my heart as just music — will always have an audience.

Ashton explains why he enjoys playing at genre-mixed festivals, performing alongside rock bands and hip hop.

It’s a formula that really reflects the way people consume music today, mixing and matching a wide variety of songs and genres, and making up diverse playlists. Everything’s not broken up and narrowed into categories.

He also talks about the tendency of his devoted fan base to follow him from city to city to catch his latest show.

That’s where I really started noticing I was seeing some of the same people 13 shows in a row,” he said. “People in the middle of the country don’t seem to think much of it. A kid from Nebraska will drive to a show in Texas, or a fan from Michigan won’t think twice about coming to Minnesota.

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