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EDM.com Spotlight

Disclosure & Sam Smith Release Official 'Omen' Remix

Disclosure took to twitter the other day to announce that their collaboration with English vocalist Sam Smith on "Omen" has received an official remix from Jonas Rathsman.

Rathsman ups the tempo on "Omen" taking the slow-riding house track into more club friendly territory. With skittering hi-hats and echoey claps, he builds up a persistent groove as the foundation of the remix.

The eight minute long reimagining takes its time to build gradually, cutting most of Smith's vocals save for a few snippets. The largely instrumental track focuses on reverb drenched atmosphere and deep vibes, letting the drums repeat beneath.

It's far cry from the original, which is refreshing for a remix these days.

Listen to Jonas Rathsman's remix of "Omen" below...

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