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Watch Jauz Debut New Skrillex Collab 'Drunk Squad' Live [VIDEO]

Jauz treated the crowd at Summer Set Music Festival to a new ID, a collaboration with Skrillex tentatively titled "Drunk Squad." The ID is just more proof that Jauz is one of the top emerging producers for EDM fans to keep an eye on.

Jauz hyped up the crowd, announcing the background behind the song before playing the ID.

"We've had this track together and we've been working on it for a really long time, and we literally finished it last night. Done. Complete. So, you guys are gonna be the first people to ever hear this shit."

The track features an infectious beat, deep pitch-shifted hype man vocal samples and relentless pounding bass in the drops. Skrillex's trademark production points are apparent in the track, which spans through a number of different sections, keeping the audience on their toes.

Watch Jauz drop the new collab live in the video clip below...

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