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Skrillex Talks Favorite Cities, IO Hawks & DJ Pranks [AUDIO]

Skrillex joined Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky on his "Money, Pizza, Respect" podcast on Beats 1 yesterday for a little interview and casual banter amidst some radio play. The Fat Jew was coincidentally a trending topic today as the famous comedian and social media personality is under accusation for being a joke thief (uh oh!) More on this... well, everywhere else on the web right now.

After introducing the EDM megastar as the "The Benjamin Franklin of gear sluts," Ostrovsky asks Skrillex questions about everything from craziest cities and vacations to favorite hobbies and the DJ prank war.

When asked where things "turn up the most," Sonny didn't hesitate.

"I think some of the craziest crowd energy you can ever experience in the world is in South America... it's so on another level. It's like that football/soccer mentality..."

Ostrovsky then asks Sonny about what he'd be doing if he wasn't taking over the music world, to which Skrillex responded that his other favorite thing to do is skateboard. The

"I even liked going to theater as a kid I used to go to plays with my dad, like Phantom of the Opera and Christmas Carol"

The conversation shifted to the "light-up wheel board thingies" better known as IO Hawks after which Skrillex explains the DJ IO Hawk trend...

"Zedd was first on his Instagram, I was second... and then I showed mine to Justin Bieber and it got really big."

Sonny then mentioned a post on Steve Aoki's Instagram of an IO Hawk called "Take U There" written in yellow font, alluding to the fact that the company name and branding was similar to his first single with Diplo on their self-titled debut album Jack Ü called "Take U There" featuring Kiesza.

Skrillex goes on to talk about his "vacations" and the ongoing DJ prank war.

Listen to the whole episode of Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky's "Money, Pizza, Respect" which also featured American rapper Nelly, or skip ahead to Skrillex's segment which starts at 57:06.

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