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Dillon Francis Interviews Kygo, Chromeo, Bro Safari & More

Dillon Francis got together with Entertainment Weekly for an interview, but they decided to do things a little differently for this one. EW actually invited Francis' friends and collaborators from his recent This Mixtape Is Fire EP and handed over the recorder. That's right, EDM's favorite comedian took the reigns and asked Kygo, Chromeo, Bro Safari, James Hersey and Party Favor questions.

Francis started his interview with the straight forward question of why they decided to work with him. Here were some of our favorite responses...

Dave Macklovitch (Chromeo): "It’s the rule of the two F’s: I’ve got to be a fan and I’ve got to be a friend. We only work with people we have a cool personal relationship with. And thank God the video of us playing spoons together didn’t go too viral. People would really have some questions about our friendship... I’m a big fan of what you do musically, but also culturally. I think your presence in the electronic community is a really important—from the aesthetics to your sense of humor..."

James Hersey: "You posted this kickass video of you dancing along to this hook that was my voice and I was like, 'This is unreal, this can’t be happening.' But it was true. I was just super psyched that you liked the track and made some magic out of it."

The "Get Low" producer then asked his friends and collaborators the moment they knew they had a good song in their hands....

Kygo: Straight away. “Coming Over” was probably the fastest collaboration I’ve ever done.

Weiller (Bro Safari): "Before I even left the session, I knew that we’d started a song that could be finished up pretty easily. This one genuinely sounded great, right from the start."

Of course, we couldn't count on Francis being serious for TOO long. His next question came in the form of a mix and match game. "F–k? Marry? Kill?: Bob Dylan, Dillon Francis, Matt Dillon."

Ragland (Party Favor): I’d probably marry Bob Dylan because I would have to worry about arguments because all I’d hear was mumbling. And then I would probably kill Matt Dillon. And then I guess I’d f–k you. [Laughs] Watch Matt Dillon see this and just be like, “What the f–k’s a Party Favor?”

Our favorite question by far was when Francis asked about embarrassing moments, offering up his own first - he had a soda can thrown at his head and had to get stitches.

Macklovitch: My bandmate once pissed his pants when we were playing in Brazil—but we weren’t embarrassed, we were proud. He was wearing these rugged nylon pants and no one could tell but he kept going to me, “Look at my leg! Look at my leg!” and I was like, “Oh sh-t!” There was fluid just trickling down his leg. I mean listen, if embarrassment came into the equation I wouldn’t be in a band called Chromeo, we’ve sort of come to terms with being in on our own joke.

Finally, to offer up one more... Francis asked them to pick a song they wish they had made.

Kygo: [Major Lazer’s] “Lean On.” It’s crushing so hard.

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