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Buzzfeed Finds Out What It Takes To DJ In Hilarious Experiment [VIDEO]

One Buzzfeed employee decided to debunk or prove - once and for all - the most poplar points of criticism when it comes to DJing and dance music, in general. Instead of letting people continue to make outrageous claims about DJing being easy, this guy sets out on a mission to find out how difficult DJing really is by discovering what a DJ actually does and what makes a DJ good. This Buzzfeed guy wasn't going to rest until he answered the burning question...

"Is it really that easy? Can anybody actually DJ, even a silly individual like myself? Probably not, but let's find out."

In this awesome experiment, the Buzzfeed guy calls on fans, artists and DJ coaches to challenge himself to figure out how to DJ for a real live crowd in just one week.

Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom better known as Swedish DJ duo Dada Life agreed to talk to the Buzzfeed rep, offering up advice on the technical and spiritual aspects of DJing.

"A lot of people think you should give the crowd what they want, but you should always give them what they didn't know they wanted," Olle Cornéer said.

Watch this Buzzfeed employee try to become a DJ in a week in this awesome experiment...

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