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Diplo Talks Getting Rejected & What He Thinks Of His Success [VIDEO]

Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known by his fans as Diplo, sat down with TIME Magazine recently for an in-depth interview, detailing how he got to where he is today - with two songs topping the charts - "Where are Ü Now" from his Jack Ü project and Lean On" with his Major Lazer outfit.

The interview gives fans a comprehensive behind-the-sc at Diplo's most recent hits, ranging from his work with Justin Bieber and Madonna, to talking about the signature Diplo sound. The megastar opens up about how he did not expect several records to succeed the way they have and even discussed the process of getting turned down by some of music world's most prominent female pop stars.

Pentz explains how some songs take off while others don't and he can never predict it, referencing his hit with M.I.A on "Paper Planes" which blew up thanks the "Pineapple Express" movie trailer.

“Records are like seeds you plant. You just throw them in places and see what happens and see which ones grow.”

One of his most recent platinum records "Lean On" was not only surprisingly successful but was the first of many songs that Pentz and Danish singer would go on to create together.

“I did shop that around. I shopped it around to a lot of people, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna and everyone passed on it, so it feels like a blessing in disguise.”

He also elaborates on his journey as a producer and tries to respond to a question asking how he would describe his signature sound.

“I never chased to be a big producer… as a producer I’ve always been one to try and set trends… let’s do this because everyone else is doing that.”

"If there's a signature Diplo sound, it's just something that's hopefully eclectic and strange to your ears at first. If I have a signature sound, I think that would be the end of me."

Watch the full interview below...

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