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EDM.com Spotlight

This Music Festival Is Proving Drug Testing Prevents Deaths [VIDEO]

Amidst the heated discussion surrounding drug-related deaths at EDM festivals, Shambhala Festival has embraced a progressive policy of harm reduction and safety awareness to ensure that the tragic deaths that can accompany these types of events are preventable. Shambahla offers free, no-questions-asked substance testing to festival goers.

These drug testing services are offered as an alternative policy to drug enforcement, accepting that some young people and festival-goers will experiment with drugs. Instead of trying to ignore or fight the reality, the festival attempts to provide partiers with the proper tools so they can educate themselves in order to make better, smarter decisions.

The service has been extremely successful in informing users about the chemical substances they have purchased, while also providing extensive medical tents. In the past 18 years, the festival has seen only one death, an indicator that harm reduction policies are highly effective.

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