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Dillon Francis Dishes On Zedd, Skrillex & His Donut Antics [VIDEO]

During his time at Lollapalooza, Dillon Francis got together with Fuse for a tell-all interview about his latest creative escapades, including touring with Zedd, conceiving and shooting is just-released donut awareness short film and working with Skrillex on their new track "Bun Up The dance."

Francis talks about his upcoming tour with fellow producer Zedd. He will be joining Zedd on his True Colors Tour as a supporting act,

"Probably gonna be the most fun tour ever, just because when him and I hang out its just non-stop fun. And the places that we're playing are huge, I've never really done that before."

He gives us some insight into the process bringing his donut awareness project Exit Through The Donut Hole to life.

"Exit through the donut hole was an idea that I had with Agata Alexander, the director. I called her one day and was like, 'Hey I have this song called I can't take it, I wanna make a video for it where I'm a donut. Take it away!' So we made a music video and we got so much footage that we were like, we might as well make this a short film. It's just a nice coming of age tale of being a donut."

Francis also explained the creative process behind his recent collaboration with Skrillex on "Bun Up The Dance", which was released earlier this week.

"Working with Skrillex on Bun Up The Dance was incredible, it took us a really long time to finish that song because we had so many different versions of it and we finalized it right before I turned in all the final mixes to Columbia. It's really easy to talk to him and get our ideas in and compromise together in a friendly way, where it's not like where one person [feels] like they're losing in the battle of trying to keep their artistic expression in the song."

Watch the full interview below:

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