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Two Women Pronounced Dead At Festival Of Suspected Overdose

In a terrible turn of events, this year's HARD Summer festival has been dealt a tragedy as two young women have passed away from suspected overdose. It's a story that accompanies far too many music festivals in this culture, and fills the headlines several times each year during festival season. The two women, aged 18 and 19, were both pronounced dead by Los Angeles County Coroners after collapsing at the festival. At this time, it is unknown if either case is connected.

Their identities have been withheld and autopsies are scheduled to determine the cause of death, but drug overdose is suspected. Festival overdose related deaths are a recurring and constant problem that plague the EDM culture, leaving festival goers and family members of those affected striving to find a solution to the epidemic. The high summer temperatures that accompany festivals create a problematic environment for users of rave drugs like Ecstasy, which can cause the body temperature to skyrocket resulting in fatal organ damage.

Festival goers at HARD Summer commented on the two deaths. Oscar Mendez expressed his sadness over drug related deaths at festivals.

"It is unfortunate that this kind of tragedy happens. People get carried away. People try to fit in and they don't know their limits."

Ernesto Lopez also spoke about the dangers of taking drugs at festivals.

"Some people can't handle it. You have to look out for people. In heat, some people pass out. With all those bodies, the heat and, whatever else, it hurts."

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