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Major Lazer's Jillionaire Takes Us Around The World In New Interview

In a recent interview with Forbes, Major Lazer member Jillionaire talked about his experience traveling the world with Major Lazer bandmates Diplo and Walshy Fire. Producer/DJ Jillionaire has become something of a veteran of global travel, having visited 25 different countries in 2014 alone. He touches on a variety of topics, from his favorite cities to the city that surprised him most.

Jillionaire starts the interview off explaining his three favorite locations to visit.

"New Zealand: The architecture, the layout of Auckland, the greenery and the warmth of the people remind me so much of home, in Trinidad. Spain: Barcelona in particular. The weather is always great, the food is phenomenal, and it’s a lovely walking city full of exciting twists and turns. Turkey: You can feel the history of the Ottoman empire at the edge of your fingertips. And, well, baklava."

As an expert traveller, Jillionaire explains what he looks for in a hotel.

"Fabulous is familiarity. I try to stay at the same spots all the time, so they remember me. It’s nice to see a friendly face or have someone know your name. Not to mention gift me with that complimentary welcome bottle."

He also describes a shocking incident travelling to war ridden Beirut, and reveals that he was nearly involved in a bombing.

"I went to Beirut for the first time last year. The food is outstanding—so many colors!—and the people are warm and friendly. You wouldn’t think they’re at war, but there are brand-new buildings standing next to bombed-out shells. We took a little fishing boat out into the ocean and sailed along the coast; it was breathtaking. The day after we left, my mom sent me an article stating that a car bomb went off just outside the hotel where we were staying."

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