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Preview Justin Bieber's New Tropical House-Inspired Track [AUDIO]

In a recent interview, Justin Bieber revealed that his collaboration with Jack Ü on "Where Are Ü Now" was only the beginning of his flirtation with EDM, stating that he was inspired by his work with Skrillex and was planning to further his cross-over with EDM on future material. He specifically mentioned that his upcoming song "What Do You Mean?" would typify this transition, and would be sonically similiar to his collaboration with Jack Ü.

A 12-second preview of the new song has hit the internet, and its consistent with Bieber's promise to further explore the sounds of EDM, hinting that the Canadian vocalist is experimenting with the sonic characteristics of EDM's latest "it" genre Tropical House. The preview features the genre's signature vibe, complete with synthesized pan flutes.

Check out the preview for yourself below...

Bieber's work on "Where Are Ü Now" has achieved massive success, but has also garnered controversy from EDM fans who feel the pop vocalist has no place in the genre. But despite his rejection among many EDM fans, it appears he's determined to continue his transition into the genre.

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