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NERVO Hops On A Ferris Wheel To Talk New Album, Collabs & More

NERVO ascended the famed Las Vegas strip skyline for a recent interview in support of their debut studio album Collateral. The Australian EDM-twin-sister-duo hopped aboard the High Roller, the prominent Ferris wheel featured in the Sin city scape to conduct the interview, despite Olivia's fear of heights.

Miriam and Olivia NERVO were asked to describe their new album Collateral, though their answers leave something to be desired.

Miriam: "Yeah, it has our life in it. Our life stories; our heart. It's our blood, sweat and tears."

The sisters also discuss their lengthy roster of collaborations from the album.

Miriam: "We [were] excited about working with everyone. It’s really nice to bring Jake [Shears, of Scissor Sisters] and Kylie [Minogue] together, because they’re both friends. And they’re buddies, so it was a natural thing. And then Nile [Rodgers] jumped on it. It’s a disco number and it’s fun and we know it doesn’t work completely for our big-time sets, but we love it. It [was] a nice moment."

The album also features collabs with Nicky Romero, Steve Aoki & Afrojack.

It's a good time to note that the album quickly soared to number 1 on iTunes in the US and Mexico.

In the last segment of the ferris wheel interview, the sisters discuss their underwhelming social activities when they aren't DJing to sold-out crowds in Las Vegas.

Olivia: "For downtime we're normally, to be fair, in our room, recovering from the night before."

Miriam: "Or writing emails. It's a bit boring, but downtime for us is jumping on Skype and speaking to a loved one, a family member, somewhere around the world. Catching up on emails, doing my nails! You know? Like, just normal, boring stuff."

Olivia: "Normal, boring, girly things."

Check out one of the singles and music videos from the effort below, and then grab your copy of the studio album on iTunes here.

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