EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

10 Unbelievably Realistic Fan Drawings Of DJs

If EDM fans are known for anything, it's that they are incredibly creative. Just take a look at any photo of a festival or show and you will see hundreds of artistic individuals donning eccentric outfits and unique jewelry and art.

Fans also showcase their creative talents through drawings, and there are hundreds of portraits of DJs on the internet that show the artistic potential of EDM fans everywhere. We've collected 10 incredibly life-like drawings of DJs below, so take a look and let us know which one is your favorite!

1. Deadmau5

Drawing by Methsia

2. Skrillex

Drawing by Olivar421

3. Avicii

Drawing by LottieHK

4. Hardwell

Drawing by Lynn Spoor

5. Tiesto

Drawing by susHi19

6. Martin Garrix

Drawing by Amanda Arlotta

7. Zedd

Drawing by Amanda Arlotta

8. Ruby Rose

Drawing by nightsdaugher

9. Steve Aoki

Drawing by MuhammadHarir

10. Armin van Buuren

Drawing by Shayna J Reddick

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