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Excision Makes Strong Statement Regarding Bassnectar Dubstep Debate

In a recent interview, Bassnectar was quoted saying that dubstep was on the way out, a comment that has generated controversy and embroiled EDM fans into a heated debate about the state of the genre. Here's the original quote from Bassnectar...

Dubstep obviously is already a thing of the past. This new wave of shoegazer, hipster brand of dance music that’s popular this year — which I think is boring as hell — will soon be a thing of the past. New terms and styles will emerge. But the broader brand of electronically enhanced dance music — which I just think of in my heart as just music — will always have an audience.

Excision, one of American Dubstep's earliest stars, took to Facebook yesterday to weigh in on the debate, offering up his own two cents and insight on how the genre has mutated and why.

Read Excision's full statement regarding the debate below...

Excision argues that the popularity of the harder edged American version of Dubstep became greater than anyone could have predicted, resulting in an influx of band wagoners hopping on to the scene while it was fresh and cool.

Now that the trendiness of the genre has waned among mainstream audiences, he explains, the genre is experiencing a purging and purification that is resulting in only hardcore fans and producers, resulting in better music and better energy and integrity from the audience.

He shares that his track sales and ticket sales have continued to grow, and that the audiences at his shows keep getting better.

"...there has been a reduction in quantity, and an increase in quality."

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