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EDM.com Spotlight

Kygo Unveils New Songs With Studio Session & Apple Commercial [VIDEO]

Tropical House producer Kygo has been showing off his piano skills as of late, dropping unpolished studio recording sessions that showcase his playing, as well as a commercial for Apple Music that shows the producer sitting at the piano to spin out a nice little tune.

Check out the Apple commercial and new song upload below...

Today, Kygo also uploaded a second studio piano jam to his Soundcloud. The first one was a raw instrumental jam with some sparse production work, but the latest one shows off his performance side, featuring only the sound of his fingers on the keys.

The result is a delicate series of piano chords and gentle melodies, spanning just under three minutes of beautiful acoustic music. It is this instrumental side of the tropical producer that has so informed his electronic productions and continues to set him apart from his electronic dance music contemporaries.

Listen to "Piano Jam 2" below...

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