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Rebel Radio Ep. 10: Aaron Axelrod - Let Me Do Whatever I Want

The Designer's Creative Process, A Rebel's Story

Rebel Radio is a weekly podcast, hosted by your humble servant, exploring the relationship between art and business in underground culture. Through interviews with creative entrepreneurs who have shaped the roots and future of the underground, we uncover what it takes to build and sustain a career out of making art. Rebel Radio is presented in partnership with EDM.com.

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There are two things you should know about Aaron Axelrod:

First, he says 'fuck' a lot.

Second, he’s made a career out of doing whatever the fuck he wants.

Aaron makes art — painting, sculpture, multi-media, all that good shit. He’s done art for the Dash Radio studios in Hollywood, for Coachella, for the City of Los Angeles, and a lot of others. His pitch: Hire me and let me do whatever the fuck I want. The best part? It works. In fact, it works a lot. And it's not just this ethos that has made Aaron such a desirable figure in the world of art; it's also his attention to detail, how he approaches a project once he's set to begin, and a style that's unlike anyone else in the design world.

We talked to Aaron last week about his unique perspective on the super sought-after work-life balance (hint: there is no balance), the designer's creative process, and his number one reason why spending time in the desert makes him a better artist.

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