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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Unreleased Justice Music

The possibility of a new album from iconic French electro-pioneers Justice has the EDM community buzzing. The newfound excitement came after The French Shuffle aired an unreleased track from the duo during "The Only Music" podcast.

It was confirmed during the episode that there were a number of IDs from several artists.

"We end with a segment dedicated to unreleased tracks and treat you guys to a few hidden and unreleased gems, including unreleased music from Justice, Prodigy and UNKLE, among others."

The unreleased material is a 2009 track from an album the duo producer for Mapei but never released. The song contains the hallmarks of Justice's classic sound, with samples vocals and instruments edited into groovy beats and sporting similar progressions to their breakout hit "D.A.N.C.E."

Last year, the french producers announced they were at work on their third studio album and they also performed a DJ set at World DJ Festival earlier this year.

Check out the excerpt of the unreleased Justice material below...

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