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Zac Efron Shares Funny DJing Stories & Talks Working With Alesso

In a recent interview wtih Thump, Zac Efron talked openly about his role as an aspiring DJ in the upcoming EDM film We Are Your Friends, which hits theaters August 28. From working with EDM veterans to discovering all the sub-genres the current EDM landscape has to offer, Efron shares his first experiences with EDM and how it

Efron explains his rudimentary knowledge of the EDM before his involvement in the film, stating that he only had a cursory understanding of the more mainstream elements.

"I was aware in the mainstream sense of what was popular and accessible. I didn't really delve deep into all the different genres. I could tell you the difference between dubstep, reggae, and house, but on a basic level, I couldn't name too many DJs."

Efron reveals that he trained with the best for the film, taking DJ lessons from Forever producer Alesso.

"Alesso showed me how to really feel the music and get the crowd pumped up. When he transitions tracks, he jumps up in the air. On the decks it's just a twist [of a knob], but he turns it into an event. You just have fun and do a show. That shows the audience that you're into it."

The young film star practiced long hours on pioneer gear he had acquired to prepare for the role.

"I would get so lost and tired I would pass out—there's a lot of math going on with matching BPMs!"

He also recounts how he annoyed his neighbor fellow actor Charlie Day, known for his role on the hit TV show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," with his loud DJ sessions. Day reportedly would call Efron asking him to quiet down, stating "I have a baby, dude!"

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