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7 Of EDM's Raciest & Most Disturbing Controversial Music Videos

Music videos in EDM are notorious for being outside the box. Since the early 2000s, we've seen countless eyebrow-raising videos such as "Satisfaction" by The Benassi Bros. and "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim, and they've only gotten more and more "deranged" as the culture has evolved.

There are countless videos today that push the boundaries of sex, violence, drugs and other hot-button issues. No matter what they depict, there is one fact that has always remained the same - we just can't look away. Here are ten of the most questionable (and in some cases NSFW) music videos that EDM has to offer:

1. "Turn Down For What" - DJ Snake & Lil Jon

With over a quarter of a billion plays on Youtube, DJ Snake & Lil Jon's music video for "Turn Down For What" has become a viral sensation for EDM lovers and beyond. The recipe for its success was simple - play a song that is so catchy that a bunch of random people hump their way through brick walls and concrete floors. What else would you expect?

2. "Big Bad Wolf" - Duck Sauce

A-trak and Armand van Helden really got "a head of themselves" with the music video for "Big Bad Wolf." What starts off as a seemingly boring video escalates quite quickly as it follows two guys that are unable to control their "animal instincts" and start mating with some equally "well-endowed" women.

3. "Party 44" - RIOT

Many music videos are considered controversial in a light-hearted way, but it's become clear that a number of people didn't exactly receive RIOT's latest creative endeavor in such a positive light. The adult cartoon depicts a wide range of EDM artists, celebrities, and animals (or whatever that Ty-cat-asaurus is) partying in some derogatory ways, from Deadmau5 date-raping Paris Hilton to Miley Cyrus tackling Steve Aoki with her "super-tongue." Although it's not entirely clear what the message is of the video, it definitely got EDM fans talking.

4. "Not Butter" - Dillon Francis

The "king of tomfoolery" has continuously guaranteed that his music videos were as reaction-provoking as possible, and it's safe to say that he succeeded quite well with his latest video for "Not Butter." I mean, who else would create a music video that could be traded off as a college orgy with more aggressive music?

5. "Smack My Bitch Up" - The Prodigy

If anyone were to give less fucks than The Prodigy, they might just start the next world war. Their total disregard for praise and respect has given them, well, a lot of praise and respect over the last decade, and their music video for "Smack My Bitch Up" is truly the icing on their Y.O.L.O. cake (even though you'd be murdered uttering that phrase in their presence). Following a man's night of terrible decision-making, this video has created quite the reputation.

Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy (Completely Uncensored) from Max on Vimeo.

6. "Windowlicker" - Aphex Twin

God this video is disturbing. The short-film goes from pure hilarity to puke-worthy in a matter of minutes all thanks to Richard D. James' signature style of replacing people's faces with his own. Just when you think it's bad, it only gets worse and worse. For those who haven't seen it before, proceed with caution. Those who have, enjoy the perpetually-catchy track!

7. "Shadows" - Hot Since 82 feat. Alex Mills

The creative direction for this music video must've been determined while watching a sci-fi horror film, as it presents some pretty hard-to-reach ties between the song and video it accompanies. What most likely could've been scored with a metal song, Hot Since 82's music video for "Shadows" depicts a rogue warrior hunting for a secret laboratory where patients are tortured and re-wired as she viciously takes out anyone in her way. The ending? Probably the weirdest part of it all.

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